Jessica Smith

Program Co-ordinator

Sign up your school for one of our STEAM education programs now or contact a member of our team to discuss creating a new program at your local school! Our goal is to bring engaging classes, skilled educators, and up-to-date technology to communities in and around Nova, and we would be more than happy to work with you to create a custom STEAM after-school program for your district. Contact us by phone or email or fill out our online form to get started!

“We have loved our partnership with SciGenius. The staff are well prepared, creative, kind, and helpful. Students get to experience the exciting aspects of science; We are thankful for SciGenuis and their club/class offerings.”

Academy of Christian Education, Reston VA
The Very Best Educators

Our educators are proficient, passionate, and committed to their area of expertise. SciGenius maintains a higher educator-to-student ratio than our competitors and we ensure that all of our staff are screened for criminal history (SP-230).

Community Support

SciGenius believes that the local community has an important role to play in our children's development — that’s why we donate a percentage of our profits to the local PTA/PTO whenever your school organizes an enrichment or after-school program with us.

Latest Technology

Wherever possible, we maintain partnerships with technology companies to stay current with emerging tools and techniques. We do our best to provide students with the latest technology, giving each child the opportunity to explore, think, develop solutions, and prepare for the future.

Easy Administration

Our online portal is designed to assist parents and schools, with innovative features to maximize clear communication and enable efficient account management.

Interested In Join Our Team?

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We Offer:
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