Experiment of the Month

Salt Crystal Leaves

Have some fall-themed fun this month with an experiment from Little Bins for Little Hands! The outside leaves are changing, and so are these paper leaves! This “kitchen science” experiment is great to do at home or in a classroom. At the end of the experiment, your little ones will have unique autumn decorations to ...

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Lava Lamp Experiment

What You Need A clean plastic bottle (try to find one with smooth sides) Water Vegetable oil Fizzing tablets (such as Alka Seltzer) Food coloring The Process 1. Fill the bottle Pour water into the bottle until it is about a quarter full.   2. Add vegetable oil Pour the vegetable oil into the bottle ...

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Ice Cream In A Bag

Nothing says summer like a refreshing frozen treat, and ice cream is always a hit. This experiment is a delicious way to teach your child about turning a liquid into a solid through freezing it.   What You Need ½ cup milk ½ cup whipping cream heavy cream ​¼ cup granulated sugar ​¼ tsp vanilla extract ...

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How to Make Rock Candy

Your child is a full of creativity and wonder from the first moment, whether they are doing gravity experiments by throwing their toys down the stairs or making art projects on their bedroom walls. We also want to help you build those skills with your kids at home, which is why we created our Experiment ...

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Color-Changing Flower Experiment

As we approach Spring our simple science experiment is an great opportunity for our little SciGenius to change flowers to a different color.  This is a fun kitchen science and its super easy to set up and is perfect for home or classroom science fun.   What You Need White flowers Vases or mason jars ...

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