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New Online Classes for Kids Home From School

Say hello to our online class teachers!!

We have created online STEAM enrichment programs for our students. Our team has been working hard to provide the best interactive online sessions for our students.

We are aware of other great resources, like YouTube Kids, Khan Academy, and Scratch. However, these platforms offer no interaction with other kids or with the instructors. We’re using a platform called 6crickets to change that!

In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, children need learning, interaction with the instructors, fun, AND socialization with other children their age! Our limited size classes will ensure students receive plenty of individual attention and feedback! All our classes are high-energy and last for 5 days. Each week we will be introducing new sessions from Chess to Science to Coding.

Available Programs

Create an account with 6crickets and register for a class of your choosing.

Intro to Chess

Session Dates:  April 6th – 10th, April 13th – 17th, April 20th – 24th, April 27th – May 1st, May 4th – 8th, May 11th – 15th
3pm ET
Price Per Session: $30
Our class will show you how to play chess with other students remote. The game is strategy & tactics and our teacher will show you how. Learn the different types of pieces and how to move and learn the fundamentals.

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Kitchen Science 101

Session Dates: April 6th – 10th, April 13th – 17th, April 20th – 24th, April 27th – May 1st, May 4th – May 8th, May 11th – 15th, May 18th – 22nd and May 25th – 29th
2pm ET
Price Per Session: $50
You do not have to be in a Science Lab to learn about Science! Join our remote Kitchen Science where kids learn about Science with other kids. Students will learn and chat about what they have learned and have fun being home.

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Kitchen Science 102

Session Dates: April 6th – 10th, April 13th – 17th, April 20th – 24th, April 27th – May 1st, May 4th – May 8th, May 18th – 22nd and May 25th – 29th
1pm ET
Price Per Session: $50
Kitchen Science 102 is the continuation of Kitchen 101! Students will dive deeper into the Science by learning about different Chemical Reactions and Forensic Science. If your child loves science, join our live online class where you make new friends in the comfort and safety of your home and learn hands-on science.

You don’t have to be in a lab to learn Science!

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Chess: Intermediate Level

Session Dates: April 6th – 10th, April 13th – 17th, April 20th – 24th, April 27th – May 1st, May 11th – 15th, May 18th – 22nd and May 25th -29th
3pm ET
Price Per Session: $40
In our live class students will be taking the next steps from beginners to develop a consistent approach and see that ”Planning” in chess begins as early on the first move.

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Lego Engineering Around the World

Session Dates: Every Tuesday: April 7th – 28th
11am ET
Price Per Session: $40
Explore and learn the different architecture in this class, we will learn about the different cities. Each week we will learn about the cities, play games and build using Legos. This class is live and we will be using Zoom to meet our new friends.

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Coding with Python

Session Dates: Every Wednesday: April 22nd – May 20th
11am ET
Price Per Session: $50
In our live online class, students will take their first dive into Coding with Python. We will transition from block coding to text based coding.

Python is also considered the language of choice for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – all areas that are extremely in demand in our current economy. These areas also have immense value in the future of our economy and where technology has been heading, so there is sustainable value in this skill.

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Online STEAM Club

Session Dates: Every Thursday: April 23rd – May 21st
1pm ET
Price Per Session: $40
Our Online S.T.E.A.M Club explores the different STEAM concepts. Each week learn different hands-on projects from Art, Science experiment to engineering. This class is very interactive so students are engaged socially, learn how to collaborate with their new friends to become problem solvers.

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Let’s Play Chess

Session Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays: Apr 20th – May 7th, Apr 28th – May 14th, May 5th – May 21st, May 12th – June 4th, May 19th – June 11th  
4pm ET
Price Per Session: $40 (sibling discount $10 off)
This live virtual class is for students who have been to our ‘’Intro to Chess’’ and Intermediate Class, and they want to continue playing in a safe & secure environment with other students. Our teacher will mentor and advise them of the different strategies of the game. Classes are twice a week at 1 PM (Tuesday & Thursday)

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SciGenius Little Coders

Session Dates: Mondays & Wednesdays: Apr 27th – May 13th, May 18th – June 3rd 
1pm and 5pm ET
Price Per Session: $50 (sibling discount $10 off)
Our online class is for students who want to learn to code and have fun while at home. Younger students will learn the fundamentals of programming concepts by creating animations and computer games with interacting characters. Our classes include everything your child needs to go from beginner to advanced levels so they can master the coding fundamentals of software/web development and game design. As students advance to the next levels, they learn more advanced coding concepts and move to more complex projects. We use code monkey & scratch to teach our students. NOTE: Online classes require a laptop or desktop computer. No iPads or tablets.

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