Inspire the Next Generation of Coders

Spending hours a day on Minecraft? We will teach you the basics of coding with Java Programming to create a Minecraft Forge mod. A “mod” (short for “modification”) is a kind of plugin that can add all new game content to Minecraft.

Campers will learn the fundamentals of Java coding as they design and program their own mod, allowing them to invent their own items, blocks, tools, armor, crafting recipes, and more. Ever wanted a suit of armor made from obsidian? A pickaxe that summons lightning bolts? An “ultra-snowball” that can freeze a whole lake in an instant? Jump into Java coding and turn your Minecraft imagination into a reality!

Skills Overview

  • Programming Skills using coding languages like Eclipse and Java to help your student learn critical thinking and foster creativity.
  • Technical Programming Concepts – Use object oriented programming that challenge kids to learn language skills, paving the way into careers in technology and engineering.
  • Problem Solving & Resource Management Skills that help kids learn to allocate and use finite resources and develop insightful solutions to problems.
  • Crucial Life Skills including thinking, planning, organization, memory and attention that prepare kids for future education and careers.

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